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Everyone deals with admin in their own way….

And if your method’s working well, there’s no reason to change!

On the other hand if…

  • Invoices aren’t going out.
  • Cheques aren’t coming in.
  • Bills are unpaid.
  • Forms remain unfilled.
  • Emails loiter unanswered.
  • Your marketing’s a mess.
  • Filing a distant dream.
  • And you can’t remember when you last saw the surface of your desk.

…maybe a change wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

How we can help?

Well, whilst lots of people hate all the boring stuff that keeps our business and home lives running on oiled wheels, we love it!  You might say, organisation’s our middle name and there’s nothing we relish so much as conjuring order out of chaos.

And, because we’re “virtual” we can offer fast, flexible, efficient secretarial and administrative support at the end of the phone or email, without any of the hassle, fuss, paperwork and overheads of employing your own on-site secretary.

We can deal with:

  • Record-keeping
  • Correspondence
  • Making phonecalls
  • Maintaining your diary
  • And – this gets better and better doesn’t it? You pay only for the actual time worked which of course eliminates, sick pay, holidays not to mention lunch and coffee breaks.

the cyber sec service is as attractive to stressed out small or start-up business owners, unable to justify the cost of a much needed full-time administrator, as it is to larger organisations simply seeking additional admin resource or assistance on a specific project.


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